Friday, June 03, 2011

Finished Painting Booster Covers

Time to finish painting the booster covers! This time, the aluminum-colored sections get painted.

I applied a couple of coats.

A little later, I removed the masking tape and took a look.

Well, that looks pretty terrible. The paint somehow managed to leak underneath the masking tape in some areas. I used rubbing compound to see if I could remove the excess aluminum paint.

Amazingly, this worked. I think this is acceptable.

The end is near.


Johnathan said...

Great job victor! I'm amazed you saved the booster covered based on that photo! I personally hate the blue painters tape and use the green Frog Tape, it seems to really seal the seams better.

Victor Franco said...

Thanks Johnathan. Lesson learned, I will definitely try the Frog tape if and when I need to do a job like this again.