Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lego R2 II

The Lego store at Downtown Disney is building another 8-foot tall R2, so Mike and I drove down there to check it out.

First, we met up with Dave Annetta and Rik Morgan for dinner.

Then, we visited the R2-in-progress. Half way done, just where he should be for this weekend's build. A finished scale model sits on top.

Later, the Miyamoto family joined us, with Zoe and mommy Nikki dancing to the live music.

Unlike the last time they built the big Lego R2 here, I won't be able to make it back for the finish tomorrow. Oh well.


Edward Reed (edwardo) said...

are you and mike perpetually cold? The two of you are ALWAYS shown wearing the same jackets.. even when others are wearing short sleave T-shirts! :-D

Victor Franco said...

There are a couple of days in August where we're good. :-)

Dave Annetta went and got his jacket shortly after the picture. Rik had to go after the picture, so we'll never know how much longer he could have held out.


Edward Reed (edwardo) said...

LOL! Must be that mountain air downstream colliding with the ocean air!