Sunday, May 29, 2011

Painted Booster Cover Slot Fillers, Worked on Removing Drip from Booster Cover Head Piece

Today I continued work on the booster cover paint job, starting with the slot fillers for the booster cover head pieces. I'm painting these aluminum colored for droid #2, as the reference pictures indicate they should be painted.

That was easy. Only the front face (the small dimension) is seen, although I did paint all visible surfaces.

Now, on to the less fun job for the day. A large drip of clear coat ended up running down the top of one of the booster cover head pieces. I decided to attempt to buff it out with rubbing compound.

After quite a while, I mostly got it out, but it's still slightly visible from certain angles and in a certain light.

Worse, it looks like I rubbed off not only some of the clear coat, but also a tiny spot of the blue paint that covers the purple layer.

I will probably try reapplying another coat or two of clear coat and see how it looks. I'll warn you now that there's a chance I will repaint this head piece. We'll see...

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