Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dome Drive Work with Mike, Meet up with Chris and Revisited the Lego R2

Today I dropped by Mike's house, ostensibly to help him with some dome drive work.

I brought my dome drive from droid #1, along with a motor and a piece of steel bar. The idea was to trace the holes and sections I cut out from the bar on droid #1, onto the new bar for droid #2, so we could cut the bar in the same way.

Mike started drilling and hacksawing his way through the 3/16" steel.

Only to find out... that the Entstort motor of mine that Mike planned to use will only rotate at 36 RPM when powered by 12 volts! Way too slow. Looks like this was all for naught, although I might be able to use this in droid #2, depending on if I run 24 volts in that droid.

In the late afternoon, we cruised on back to Downtown Disney, where we met up with Chris James to chit-chat some more.

Finally, we stopped by the Lego store, where the 8-foot Lego R2 was finished, complete with some dome lights!

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