Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ian and Amy Martin's Wedding

Today R2 was honored to attend the wedding of Ian and Amy Martin. Well, Amy started the day as Amy Shatto, but finished it as Amy Martin.

No, R2 was not in the ceremony itself. Instead he was there to greet guests as they lined up to sign the registry book, at the end of the gift table. The dome and sound automation circuit came in very handy today.

Ian and Amy made a very nice framed plaque, explaining R2's attendance, which I got to take home as a keepsake. Some of you may recall that my droid teamed up with Ian in his very first appearance as C-3PO, and Ian and I performed duo droid duty on several other occasions, including Rich and Sarah Woloski's wedding. Ian has since parted with the C-3PO suit, but I was more than happy to have R2 join them on their special day.

Michael McMaster and his wife Dawn also attended, with Michael serving as the wedding videographer.

The happy couple took their vows, and soon they were Mr. and Mrs. Martin.

It was a great day for two of the nicest and sweetest people you'll ever meet.

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