Thursday, April 07, 2011

Finished Wiring on Electronics Panel

Tonight I wrapped up work on the electronics panel. For this phase, at least.

First, I soldered the positive voltage wires to the master on/off switch.

Next, I crimped a connector to the master negative wire, and placed it at the bottom of the stack on the bolt that distributes the negative connection to the various components (CFSound III, dome and sound automation circuit, dome controller).

I ran the master power positive and negative wires to the back of the board, so I could solder on a connector.

This is why I ask for Mike's help on soldering.

The wiring won't win any awards (perhaps "Most Hideous"), but I think it's done.

I then retested the board in the frame. It ran well for about 10 minutes, and then things went quiet, and I smelled the vaguely familiar smell of an electronic component getting fried. I suspect, but have not verified, that the PIC chip may have cooked. That should not happen, and if it did, I'll have to figure out why. I didn't feel like figuring that out tonight, so I'll deal with it soon.

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