Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wedding Ring Bearer

Today was another big day for R2, this time as a ring bearer in Rich and Sarah Woloski's wedding.

The day started at El Dorado Park in Long Beach, CA, where pre-wedding photos were taken. R2 snuck in, incognito.

Once the wedding party arrived, R2 put on his bow tie and corsage, and posed for various pictures with the participants.

Next, it was off to the wedding venue, where I needed to prep R2 for the surprise appearance at the ceremony itself. At long last, R2 had the real wedding rings on the pillow.

Speaking of surprises, none of the guests knew about R2's appearance, but almost no one at all knew that R2 would be joined by C-3PO! Not even the bride Sarah knew about C-3PO.

Yes, Ian Martin donned the outfit for this special occasion, ably assisted by his brother Scott-Thomas, and his girlfriend Amy.

The ceremony started, and R2 and C-3PO assumed their positions quietly behind the curtain in the back. As the best man fumbled to find the ring, groom Rich called out "R2!!" The curtain in the back parted, and R2 and C-3PO made their way up the aisle to deliver the wedding rings. Once the rings were delivered, the two droids lined up amongst the groomsmen.

Because I was busy operating the droid at the time, I wasn't able to take pictures, but Amy did manage to get a shot that shows C-3PO as the droids were heading up the aisle (even then, you have to look carefully to find him), Hopefully we'll get some better pictures and/or video later.

[November 1, 2009: Here's a picture of R2 and C-3PO delivering the ring to the best man.]

After the ceremony, R2 and C-3PO joined the wedding party for more photos at the altar.

When the meal started, R2 was stationed alone on the dance floor.

However, after the first dance, the DJ announced another special dancer, and R2 got out and danced the Cantina Dance with bride Sarah. Ian managed to capture the last few seconds while I operated R2.

The full photoset is here.

A fun, long, tiring day. :-)


Jim Quinlan said...

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog entry Victor. What a great ceremony with R2 and C3PO. We especially loved the bowtie on R2 and the corsage. Oh and the pillow was also very classy.

We went back with the link to see the proposal with R2 saving the day and concluded these are some special people.

Victor Franco said...


Thanks for writing, I'm happy to hear of your appreciation for this one!

The bow tie and corsage were the wedding couple's idea, and it worked out well for both R2 and C-3PO.


Anonymous said...

The pillow was custom made by the Mother of the Bride!! .... following exact dimensions and specifications from the Groom

Sarah Woloski said...

How fun is this? Thanks for sharing your side of the story! :)

Victor Franco said...

This is one of my favorite R2 events of all-time, thanks for having me and R2 be a part of it!