Monday, January 04, 2010

Filled Gaps in Skirt

There are some gaps between the skirt ribs and the styrene that need filling. This is more so the case with the ribs in the corners.

I'm using GE Silicone II White Paintable Silicone to fill in the gaps. This is the same stuff that I used on the skirt on droid #1.

I just ran a bead in the gap as needed.

A razor blade cleans up the excess.

Hopefully that'll do it. I'll probably apply a mist coat of primer soon to see where any additional filling or sanding is required.


Jamie McShan said...


Why not just use evercoat to fill them?

Victor Franco said...

Good question Jamie. I considered using Evercoat, but in this case I had to do some sculpting and filling in the deep crevices, so I decided to go with the silicone. Once I use primer to see how everything looks, I might go back with Evercoat and smooth any needed areas out.

Incidentally, I did use Evercoat earlier along the curved part of the wooden base, and to smooth up the area where the box of the skirt meets up with the base.