Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sanded Inner Dome

Tonight I spent some time sanding smooth certain portions on the inner dome.

The first section I worked on was the area around the rear PSI. Recall that no panel from the outer dome conceals this space, so it's important to sand it smooth before painting. I started with 60 grit sand paper to work out the deepest spin lines, and worked my way up to 220 grit.

Once that was done, I wrapped some 100 grit sand paper around an old bottle and worked on sanding the hole for the rear PSI to be as circular as possible. I also did a fair amount of sanding by hand for fine adjustments.

I periodically overlaid the throwaway panel over the hole to make sure I was sanding to the right size and curvature.

The last item of business was to sand the area on the inner dome underneath the "picture frame" panel. This area also shows through to the outside world.

Starting with 100 grit sand paper and working up to 400 grit, I sanded this reasonably smooth.

I propped the panel that will eventually go on the dome in place, so I could ensure that enough area had been sanded. I may do a little more fine sanding, but for now this will do.

Incidentally, here are was these two areas look like on droid #1.

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