Sunday, November 29, 2009

Attached Winch Harness to Manual Droid Lift

Today I worked on the harness that holds the U-bolt that the winch will hook onto, to lift the droid in the car. This harness goes into the droid itself.

I started by cutting a segment of square steel tube that spans the width of the manual droid lift that I built in 2007.

Next, I measured, marked and drilled holes for a pair of 3/8" bolts that will attach the tube to the bars.

So far so good. The tube is secured to the bars.

Next, I marked where to drill the holes for the U-bolt, and drilled the holes.

Everything seems to fit.

Then, having done all that, I rotated the tube 90 degrees did it all over again!

I didn't like how little material is available on the underside of the U-bolt, so I bought a larger U-bolt with a larger diameter, necessitating the redrilling. No big deal. I will probably cut down the longer U-bolt later.

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