Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cut Down Bolts, Cut Electrical Plate for Shoulder Hub Magnet Screws

Today I cut down the bolts that hold the gas pipe flange onto the wooden disc. These bolts encroach upon the area needed by the aluminum shoulder hubs as they enter into the shoulder.

I used a pen to mark where to cut the bolts.

Next, I used the Dremel with the cutoff wheel attachment to lop off the ends of the bolts. While I don't heartily recommend taking pictures while using a Dremel, I was able to get another picture of a power tool producing sparks.

Eight bolts later and we're done with the cutting. Those bolts get molten-hot as the Dremel cuts through them. I kept a cup of water handy to cool them down.

The test fit looks good.

Finally, I drilled the electrical backing plate with four additional holes for the 1" gas pipe leg (the left leg). This is required because the rare earth magnets that will be embedded into the back of the shoulder hubs will not line up with the nuts and bolts on the 1" gas pipe flange layout. I need four more holes that are closer to the center.

See here and here for a look at how this went together for droid #1.

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