Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cut Dowels for Legs & Horseshoes

Today I cut a bunch of 1/2" dowel segments for the legs and horseshoes.

In most cases, I needed to mark depths of how far the dowel sinks into various layers of the legs. (I need to get a copy of the instructions from Matthew!)

Then, it was chop, chop, chop on the chop saw.

The fit looks good on the center leg.

After cutting dowels for the outer legs, I chopped a bunch more for the horseshoes. The shoulder button pockets make good dowel holders.

The center leg slot passes the gas pipe test, it holds the pipes that are used for the manual droid lift. I might widen the channel a few fractions of an inch on each side, so that it will be easier to slide them in from above, when I have other obstacles in the droid to avoid. Well see. Either way, that center leg is almost ready for glue-up.

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