Saturday, November 25, 2006

Glued Together Center Foot Shell, Drilled Shoulder Hubs for Magnets

I finally got around to gluing up the PVC center foot shell. I glued each side one at a time.

The four sides and the top are now glued together, but there is still a lot left to do.

For starters, I still need to cut the PVC foot strips that go on the bottom to size, and then glue them on. I also need to do some finishing work on the shells to smooth out the rough edges, and sand down the top edges a bit so that the top is perfectly flat. I also need to do a bit of filling of gaps in the top. These are all to be expected, and I'll get to them over time.

I'm using rare earth magnets (which are very strong) to keep the shoulder hubs in place. The magnets will be attracted to nuts and screws in the shoulder itself. I installed extra dummy screws and nuts into the shoulder disc the other day, so that the magnets would have something to grab onto.

I marked the location on the shoulder hubs where the magnets should go, and drilled the holes for them.

Finally, I glued the magnets in place. My only worry is that the magnets will be stronger than the glue, and when I pull the shoulder hub out, the magnets will stay in the body! Let's hope not...

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