Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dremeled PSI Holders, Drilled Screws for Shoulder Hubs

I'm planning to (at least) partially rewire my dome, since there's a tangled mess of wires in there. Before I start to solder, I wanted to make sure I could get the small PSI LED boards through the holes in the PVC into which they mount. I had to widen the holes a bit with the Dremel drum sander. Now the small boards fit through the holes.

I'm also trying to take care of as many outstanding issues with the legs as possible, while they are still off the droid.

The shoulder hubs are going to be held in place with rare earth magnets, which will be attracted to nuts behind the shoulder hubs. The right leg already has nuts and bolts in the correct location for this to work, but the left leg has the nuts and bolts spaced too far apart for the back of the shoulder hub to hit it. This is because the gas pipe holder on the left leg is larger than that of the right, since the right leg's 3/4" gas pipe fits into the left leg's 1" gas pipe.

The gist of all this is that I needed to drill four new holes in the left leg's backing plate, and screw down four nuts that will meet up with the left shoulder hub's magnet.

First I took the assembly apart. The gas pipe is JB Welded into the gas pipe holder, but everything else can come off.

Next, I marked and drilled the backing plate.

Then I put everything back together, with four new nuts in place. Soon I will install the magnets in the back of the shoulder hubs.

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