Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another Autism Event, Uncle Visits, CIV DVD Premiere

After over a week with no updates, today was a very busy day. When it rains, it pours.

First up, the Irvine Autism Clinic had its Christmas party. Mike Senna was to supply R2-D2, and Chris Romines was to supply R2-A1. I was planning on stopping by just to say hello.

It turns out that the event's Darth Vader had to drop out, so Chris ended up playing Vader, and I was pulled into service to operate R2-A1 for the event.

R2-A1 shadowed his master/owner/builder as much as possible.

Here, we see where Princess Leia learned how to pose for holograms.

The half-pints in costume at these events always crack me up!

Kids in general, and autistic kids in particular, often experience the world through touch.

When R2-A1 wasn't hanging around with Vader, he could usually be found near R2-D2.

Once again, Mike's kids provided the Ewok entertainment.

We managed to get most of the characters together for a group shot, although R2-A1 had called it a day by this time.

My favorite picture: Santa grubbing.

I returned home and my folks called saying that they were nearby with my Uncle Paul from Thousand Oaks, and he wanted to see R2.

If Vader can do the Leia pose, so can he.

The day wasn't quite done. Michael McMaster drove a few hundred miles to hand-deliver the CIV DVDs. William and Nikki Miyamoto joined the crowd as we watched the video on the big screen.

Then, for some very strange reason, Michael McMaster proudly showed me a button he was wearing on his shirt. Apparently I'm running for office?? They had similarly goofy buttons for Senna ("Got Mike?") and McMaster ("Chicks Dig Me"). And I thought I had too much time on my hands...

Mike Granek and Roy Powers dropped by.

Max Cervantes proudly displayed the R2-D2 Pepper Mill, Shampoo Dispenser and Soy Sauce Bottle, all of which arrived in his mail today.

Senna, McMaster and Chris Romines (each wearing their "Franco 2008" buttons) wait for the food to finish cooking on the BBQ.

Mike's Lucasfilm Christmas card. Why is there part of a wooden finger at the bottom? Remember that Fanboys movie shoot, when the Ewok costume was placed on the mannequin? Well, when Justine was putting on her Ewok costume today, guess what she found? A mannequin finger in the glove! I probably would have screamed, she laughed.

Last but not least, the CIV DVD 2-disc set itself. Once again, Michael McMaster has delivered a treasure-trove of digital memories.

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Flan said...

Ahhh....Cant wait to get my CIII DVD's. Looks like it was a blast!