Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fanboys Movie Shoot... Almost

This is a story of excitement, glamor, and agony. For me, mostly agony.

The producers of the movie Fanboys (scheduled for release on January 18, 2008) have decided to reshoot a scene that is supposed to take place in George Lucas' prop-laden office. For this scene they needed lots of props. And costumes. And droids. Droids like mine.

Unfortunately for me, I have a prior commitment that I am honoring, so I am unable to provide my droid for the movie shoot. Mind you, this is a real movie that my R2 could have been in! Hence the agony.

Mike Senna, Chris Romines, and Vince Sanchez are providing their droids for this scene. With Vince having delivered his droid earlier in the day, Mike, Chris and I dropped by the set, which is actually a Red Cross office in Pasadena. Mike and Chris unloaded their droids from their cars and prepared to maneuver them to the set entrance.

DeeDee from the Pink 5 series was also in Mike's van, but it doesn't look like DeeDee will be appearing in Fanboys. Mike is hoping the dome can be in the background for a cameo, as a wink to the folks who remember the character from the fan films, but it seems doubtful.

I took many pictures of the set, but I was asked not to post them until after the movie has premiered. I am permitted to post a couple of isolated pictures from the set that just show Mike's and Chris' contributions.

Besides providing R2-D2, Mike is also supplying an Ewok costume, fitted here on a mannequin by Mike and a crew member, before the furry hands and feet have been attached.

We took a group picture with Kim, the set decorator.

Oops, I'm blocking Mike's droid! Oh well, we'll all get a larger-than-life look at it on the big screen soon. Actual filming is set for Monday, as the crew continues to prepare the set for production. Mike and Chris will be on location for the shoot (or so the plan goes).

As for my R2, he's putting on his shades and heading for Las Vegas, baby! More on that in my next post.

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