Sunday, December 23, 2007

Frame #2

This frame went together a lot faster than frame #1. That is because getting it done was a matter of driving to Matthew Henricks' house and picking it up.

I'm sorry if I'm disappointing anyone who was hoping for another scratch-built frame, but I've decided to go with Matthew's excellent CNC'd wooden frame. It's made from very high quality baltic birch plywood, and it's cut to precision. I've already proven to myself that I can make a frame, and I chose to go with the CNC'd version this time. (Don't be shocked if the same goes for the legs when the time comes.)

I laid all 22 pieces out on my high-tech workbench, and started dry-fitting everything together.

In almost no time, I had the frame assembled.

There will be minor modifications (e.g. cutting the lower ring for back-door access, trimming the LDP area). I will test fit the various parts that will sit on the base of the frame (power couplers, octagon ports, etc.) and trim the frame as necessary.

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