Monday, December 04, 2006

Sanded Down Top of Center Foot Shell

Tonight I was able to clean up the top part of the foot shell that I glued together last weekend.

A few of the side edges overshot the top plate, so I simply turned the foot shell upside down and ran it against some sandpaper for a while.

The top is pretty much flat now. I still need to fill in a small gap at the top, I hope to do that tomorrow.


Calvin Thomas said...

Does any of your panels open on the dome or body? Or does any of Mike's open?
The reason I ask is I'm trying to find away to make all the Pie's open together at 1 time. Like having something connect all the hinges together.

Also have you tried anything to make the arms open with a servo?
I'm using the Vex system in mine and was thinking of getting the pneumatics for the arms instead of servos.

Victor Franco said...


Right now the only part I have designed to open is the utility arms, I don't plan to have anything else open up. I do not yet have my servo motors, I may wait on this feature until after my droid is rolling around under its own power.

Mike's utility arms do open with a servo under remote control (dials on his remote), but that's all that opens up on his droid. Mike unbent and rebent a paper clip to suit his needs, in order to hook it from the servo motor, to a rod sticking out of the inside end of the utility arms. The rod has a tiny hole drilled out of the end, kind of like the eye of a needle.

Check out post #103827 and the accompanying pictures to see what I'm referring to:

And also my blog entry at: