Sunday, December 03, 2006

Continued Work on Outer Foot Shells

More cuttin' and choppin' today, after a couple of weeks away from the PVC foot shells. Today we picked up where we left off on the outer feet.

One of the areas of the outer feet has a curve to it, to fit the battery boxes. Mike's solution was to use a quarter section of a PVC pipe.

First, the PVC pipe was cut to approximate length at Mike's.

Next, it was over to Greg Schultz' house, where Greg graciously let us use his band saw.

While we had access to the band saw, we figured it was a good opportunity to cut some Tape-Ease cylinder sections for any future work on wooden ankles. That will be for another time.

Back to the present, at Mike's we finished cutting the sides of the outer feet.

We still need to do a bit more work to complete the outer feet, but they are getting there.

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