Thursday, August 31, 2006

Attached Left Rear Coin Return, PSI Covers, Primed Power Couplers, Attached Ankle Details

Another eclectic day.

I started by using silicone to attach the left rear coin return. If this looks familiar, it's because I did the same thing earlier, only I had the pocket of the rear coin returns away from the center of the back door, when they should have been toward the center.

Following a tip from Doug Dixon on the board, I obtained a plastic template sheet to use as a cover for the front and rear Processor Status Indicators (PSIs). I won't know how good these work until I have the PSIs with LEDs installed, but for now they are covering up those annoying holes. I cut two layers and used masking tape to attach them to the inside of the dome.

In the afternoon I applied three coats of primer to the coin returns. I'll wait 24 hours and then try painting them blue. Recall that I used the liquid latex to mask all the areas that are not to be painted. I'll have to wait until Saturday to see if that worked, when the paint should be dry enough to peel off the latex.

I finished the day by attaching the ankle details.

First, I traced the outline of one of the resin ankle detail pieces onto a sheet of paper, and cut it out. Then, I taped the template to the legs, and drilled through the template and into each side of each leg, about 1/4" deep. I drilled four holes per ankle detail.

After drilling the legs, I used the same paper template and taped it to the back of the resin ankle detail pieces. I drilled through these one at a time, again about 1/4" deep. Then I used a hacksaw to cut 16 toothpicks to size. (That was fun...)

Then it was time to put it all together.

Believe it or not, this worked out very well. The ankle details fit on very tight, so tight that it will be a struggle to get them off again. Let's hope I won't have a need to take them off for a very long time.


Matthew Henricks said...


Did you do a test with the laytex stuff first?

How thick will the primer/paint be when you peal off the laytex? My experiance with painting cars is if you do not pull the tape soon or build up too much paint then the paint edge can tears as you pull the tape. (In other words it does not leave the clean line you had hoped for. Especially if the primer did not adhere to the base material very well) Very interested to see how these turn out.

Can't wait for R2LA. Trying to finish up the bunk beds i am building so i can start cutting R2 parts.

Victor Franco said...

Hi Matthew,

Like the dope I am, I did not test the latex stuff first. I am a little concerned about the paint coming off when I peel the latex.

One thing that may work in my favor is that all the areas that get painted are raised above the rest of the aluminum, so there are natural edges. Still, it may turn into a disaster. I don't think I've ever painted anything blue just once (except the dome panels, which still may get repainted), so I'm getting accustomed to disasters. :/

Thanks for the heads-up, and l too am looking very much forward to R2LA IV!