Friday, September 01, 2006

Reglued Left Rear Coin Return, Trimmed Temp Feet Tops, Painted Power Couplers, Finished Outer Legs

Hmm. For whatever reason, the silicone for the left rear coin return didn't stick. The silicone was from a never-before-opened tube, so I don't think it was bad. I probably just did a bad job. Anyway, I reglued it, and hopefully it'll stick this time.

I had more foot work to do too. I needed to trim about 1/4" off the top of my outer temporary feet, to leave clearance for the cylinder holders that ride above the feet. The other nice thing is that the temporary feet now fit into my budget foot shells, in case I ever want or need to put them on before I have real feet.

I was able to paint the power couplers blue today. Here's where the faith in the latex kicks in. After a few hours of drying time, I couldn't resist just slightly peeling the edge of the latex to see how effective it was. I was happy to see it was doing exactly what I had hoped, shielding the aluminum from the paint. I know this looks like a mess, but that's because the latex was applied thick and unevenly.

Next, I turned to installing the ankle cylinders. I purchased 1"x1/4" diameter dowels to use for mounting the cylinders. I made (yet another) paper template for locating the mounting holes. I taped the template onto each outer resin cylinder, and drilled the cylinder first.

Then I transferred the template to the wooden legs, and drilled those.

I inserted the dowels, and then I mounted the cylinders.

I used silicone to attach the cylinder wedges and holders.

I wrapped up the day by using (what else?) silicone to install the under shoulder details. I'd like these in aluminum, but I didn't want to wait indefinitely for them to be offered. Besides, with silicone holding them in, they should be fairly painless to swap out should I obtain an aluminum set.

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