Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Touched Up Ankle Detail, Trimmed Temp Feet, Widened Power Coupler Area, Masked Power Couplers, Reseated Lower Arm

I tackled a bunch of different stuff today.

First, I touched up a bit of the blue paint on one of my ankle details. I used a fine bristle brush to hand paint the purple, blue and clearcoat layers on, one at a time.

Turning to the feet, the points on the ends of my temporary outer feet had been annoying me for a long time. They kept catching on the carpet, and I occasionally stabbed myself with them, so I trimmed the points off.

I needed to Dremel out a little more material from the frame where the front power coupler sits. I thought I had removed enough material the other day, but a test fit with the skins on proved me wrong. So with my shop vac at the ready, I carefully Dremeled out a bit more material.

Next up, I took a tip from Alan Wolfson, and purchased some liquid latex for masking complicated areas that need to be painted. The power couplers are just such an example, as they have areas that need to be painted blue that are machined deep into them. I used a paint brush to apply the liquid latex. I'll let it dry overnight, and the parts should be ready for painting tomorrow.

Finally, I reseated the lower utility arm in the frame. I had been wanting to do this ever since I originally installed the arm. I pried off the MDF pivot-point holder from the horizontal rib a couple of days ago, and I reglued it down in a better position tonight.

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Calvin Thomas said...

That latex was a smart idea, I was wondering how to get the paint in there.
I don't know what happened to the email, But let me know if it happens again.
That just can't be happening, I need this info and ideas.
Thanks again