Friday, May 05, 2006

Glued Two Coin Returns, Secured Vent Harness

In the morning I used silicone to glue in the front coin return. In the evening I glued in the back door's right coin return. The back door's left coin return still remains to be glued in (probably tomorrow).

I also screwed the vent harness into the frame. (Yea!)

I have not glued down the blue vent surround, it is still loose.

Oh yes, and needless to say, more primer on the horseshoes. Getting closer to being done.

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Victor Franco said...

Yikes! Mike Senna just noted to me that the rear door coin returns are swapped. I followed the blueprints, but it appears the blueprints are wrong. Looking at reference pictures of R2, the coin returns should be the other way around.

Well, I'll probably swap them later, but for now the back door is just sitting up wedged between my stereo and a speaker, staying out of harm's way.