Sunday, June 22, 2014

Started Gluing Styrene for Utility Arm Mystery Project

Today I continued work on my utility arm mystery project. This time, it was gluing up the styrene pieces I cut yesterday.

I used Weld-On, which I dispensed from a bottle with a needle applicator. Five of the six segments were glued today.

Some of the segments slightly overhang others, and those will be sanded down to size.

In some (many) areas, the Weld-On dripped or leaked, making a bit of a mess of the styrene surfaces. I'll need to sand those smooth, and there will probably be filling work too, certainly in the corners at least.

I used some small clamps to help keep the pieces together along the curved shape as this dries overnight.

I didn't glue down the last segment at the tip of the arm, as it looks like I cut it a bit small. I'll recut it and plan to glue it on soon.

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