Monday, June 23, 2014

Sanded and Finished Gluing Styrene for Utility Arm Mystery Project

This evening I made some modest progress on my utility arm mystery project.

I started by using 180 grit sand paper to sand smooth the surfaces that were glued together yesterday.

I did a test fit on the utility arm itself.

The fit is reasonably good. Not perfect, but good enough. I realize the arm won't be able to close all the way with the styrene in place, but that's part of the intent of the mystery project.

I only plan to have this cover the very end of the arm, so I will trim a bit of the excess material later. The styrene will be painted the same shade of blue, so hopefully it will all blend in reasonably well.

Finally, I glued in the tip piece, this time using CA glue.

A bit more sanding, some trimming, and a little filling remain before painting.

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