Thursday, April 03, 2014

Attached Ground Loop Isolator to Electronics Board for Droid #2 & R5-D4 Test Drive

Today I have at least temporarily wrapped up work on the electronics board for droid #2. All that remained was to attach the ground loop isolator. I debated about using Velcro with adhesive backing, Velcro straps, and zip ties. For now, I've decided to go with a single zip tie, and I may revisit this later.

I marked where to drill the holes for the zip tie.

And then I drilled.

Finally, I tied down the ground loop isolator with the zip tie, and clipped the excess off behind the board.

I mentioned yesterday that the right foot motor was turning, but the gear on the motor shaft wasn't spinning. I took a look, and I think I simply forgot to install the keystock in the keyway(!).

I remedied that and put the motor back on the foot.

Time for a test drive, with video!

The click heard when the droid comes to a stop is the drivetrain kicking up a bit, as I don't have ankle locks installed yet.

There is still plenty of work to do, including painting the foot shells, building and installing ankle locks, and building a droid lift apparatus for droid #2, so I don't have to swap the harness between droids. I also want to install some diode or metal oxide varistor protection on the motors to avoid and transient current on the lines.

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