Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Almost Finished Electronics Panel, Tested in Droid #2

Tonight I worked on mounting the VMusic2 and amplifier to the electronics board for droid #2. I'm still debating how I wish to mount the ground loop isolator, but I have a few ideas (for now, it's tape).

I decided to use 1/2" #4 screws, whose heads will be mounted from the inside of the cases. I opened each of the cases to locate where to drill the holes for the screws.

Then I drilled the holes in the cases. (Gee, that scrap wood looks a lot like the side piece of a skirt.)

Then I used the cases as a template for where to drill into the electronics board. I found that I can actually mount the amplifier so that it doesn't sit above the top of the board in order to access the on/off/volume dial, so that's good.

Time to test on the bench, without motors. Looks good from what I can tell.

And finally, into droid #2 it goes! Power up and hold your breath.

No video, but I can report that everything appears to work. Dome turns, sounds play, and foot motors turn. Actually, on the right foot, only the foot motor turned, not the gear attached to the motor. Something is loose that I need to check on that foot. Perhaps the keystock escaped, although I tried to make sure it can't. The left foot seemed to work properly.

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