Sunday, March 09, 2014

Transferred Foot Strips to Aluminum Foot Shells for Droid #2

Today I worked on transferring the foot strips from the A&A foot shells to the aluminum foot shells for droid #2.

The strips are held on from behind with some very short #4 screws. The foot strips are drilled and tapped partially through, to accept the screws.

I used some tape as a template to mark the holes.

I then transferred the tape the aluminum foot shell, and drilled matching holes through the holes in the tape.

This worked very well for all six foot strips.

I realized ahead of time the alignment of the holes for the knurled hose fittings on the outer foot shells would mismatch. I believe the aluminum foot shells don't have the holes in the proper locations. This was true for both left and right foot shells. I plan to remove more material from the aluminum foot shells.

I also need to remove some material from the center foot shell skirt, to allow the two caster wheels on the center foot to swivel 360 degrees.

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