Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dremeled Aluminum Center Foot Shell, Reassembled Drivetrains for Droid #2

Today I worked on getting the casters on the center foot to fit within the aluminum foot shell, and I reassembled the drivetrains for droid #2.

The casters swing far enough to make contact with the skirt on the center foot shell.

This is a job for the Dremel and cutoff wheel.

One side is done.

I had to Dremel further into the other side, as the caster is located a bit closer to the edge of the foot. That side will be the rear of the center foot, so that the Dremel work won't show. It isn't too bad anyway.

Next up, this box of stuff that I need to turn back into a couple of drivetrains.

Among other things, as I reassembled the drivetrains, I tapped the ends of the keyways with a hammer.

This has the effect of closing off the keyway, so the keystock cannot slide out the end of the keyway. Once gears are installed, the keystock cannot escape.

And done. I tested both motors running in both directions with a 12 volt battery, to make sure everything worked.

I wrapped up the day by taking a look at where the Vantec RDFR23 speed controller and Stealth Receiver and power adapter might end up living on my electronics board. I'll mount the Stealth Receiver on some standoffs, and the speed controller will be mounted using some aluminum angled material. Note that the CF Sound III may go away, as the Stealth Receiver connects to the VMusic 2 board, which also serves as an audio source, although it requires an amplifier.

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