Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cut Aluminum Angle Holder for Speed Controller, Started Soldering for Drivetrain Wire-up on Droid #2

Today I put in a little more work on the effort to get droid #2 mobile.

I'm going to need to attach all sorts of stuff to the electronics board, including the Vantec RDFR23 speed controller. I cut a piece of angled aluminum that will screw onto the speed controller for this purpose.

I used the angled aluminum that holds the same speed controller on droid #1 as a template for where to drill the holes. I'll have more drilling to do for the screws that will hold it onto the panel, but at least the holes for the speed controller side are ready for the short #6 screws.

Next, I started soldering up the wiring that will run down the legs. I used 10 gauge stranded wire for both the wire that runs down the legs, and the connectors that will provide the plugs on both ends.

It ain't pretty, but she'll hold together. (Here me baby? Hold together.)

Shrink tubing insulates the work, and also helps things hold together.

The job on the black wire was slightly less ugly.

I'm hoping to get more of the wireup done during the week, but we'll see.

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