Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Depopulated Electronics Board for Droid #2

They say sometimes you have to move backward to move forward. I hope that's true in this case.

The layout for the electronics panel for droid #2 definitely needs to be redone. I decided to pull almost everything of it. That includes the Dome and Sound Automation board (which I plan to leave off for now), the Stealth controller electronics, the amplifier, and the speed controller. The CF Sound III was removed the other day, and it will also likely stay off.

I also marked the lower corners of the board, where I need cutouts for battery clearance at the bottom of the droid, and marked "margins" along the sides where I cannot place anything, as that would interfere with the way the board slides into the slots in the frame. The only thing remaining on the board is the dome controller, and I am seriously thinking of relocating it too.

I want to lay this out as neatly and as logically as possible, so I'm going to think about this for at least a day or two. I would also like to accommodate future options, such as repopulating the Dome and Sound Automation board and CF Sound III, if I wish to in the future. Also, there's part of me that says maybe I should chuck the electronics board and mount stuff to the frame, as is the case for droid #1, but there are a couple of huge advantages to the board. One, maintenance is very easy, and two, I rarely need to take the back door off to get to whatever I need to work on. Another concern I have with this board is that I think it will interfere with a droid lift that I may add to droid #2 in the future.

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