Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wired Electronics Board for Second Battery Bank on Droid #2

Tonight I wired up the electronics panel on droid #2 to accept a second set of 12 volt batteries that will be connected in parallel with the first set.

Currently (pun?) the power comes from a single set of batteries that supplies 12 volts. The existing battery connector needs to be cut so that I can solder on an additional connector for the second set of batteries. I removed the electrical tape and shrink tubing first. The other connector in the picture is for the dome motor.

After cutting the original connector off, I prepared to solder the old and a new connector in parallel. I worked on the positive (red) wires first.

The positive wiring is soldered and shrink-tubed. The negative black wires are soldered and about to be shrink-tubed. It's just about impossible to see, but there are two black wires on the left, soldered onto the wire on the right.

And done with that little job.

Plenty more to do elsewhere though.


veggierebel said...

Step by step :-)

Victor Franco said...

And tonight I went backward to go forward.