Monday, March 17, 2014

Continued Soldering Wires for Drivetrain on Droid #2

Welcome back to the exciting world of soldering, as I return to work on the wiring for droid #2. Actually, with me it can be exciting, as you never know if it will end up right.

One long piece of 10 gauge stranded wire, ready to be soldered to a 10 gauge connector.

And now, ready for shrink tubing.

And now, ready for electrical current.

I finished soldering the connectors to both pairs of wires that will run down each leg. The connectors on the other ends will attach to the speed controller on one end, and the motors on the other. Thus, I still need to put connectors on the motors, and I need to add the wires to the speed controllers to the other connectors. Getting there, slowly but surely.

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