Saturday, February 08, 2014

Cut Side Strips for Outer Foot Shell Doors for Droid #2

Today I cut the strips that go on the outer foot shell doors for droid #2.

Unlike the PVC side details I cut earlier, I ended up making these from 1/8" MDF. I switched materials mainly because I needed a long, straight edge to work with, and none of the PVC I had would fit the bill. Otherwise, the technique was the same.

I set up the material, and a strip of plywood served as a fence/guide for the cut.

One strip of 2 is partially cut.

I used a hacksaw to cut the angles from each edge.

And the two are done.

Unfortunately, I cracked one of the pieces (the lower piece, toward the right) while I was sawing it. I thought I could glue it back in place, but I may end up recutting it.

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