Sunday, February 09, 2014

Recut Side Strip, Finished Side Details for Outer Foot Shell Doors on Droid #2

Today I returned to working on the strips and details for the outer foot shell doors on droid #2.

I decided to recut the MDF strip that I cracked yesterday, so I set up the material, fence and Dremel once again.

Once the strip was cut, I marked the corners and carefully cut them off with a hacksaw, this time avoiding cracking the strip.

Next, it was time to carve the curved part of the side details. I used the Dremel drum sander for this job.

I trimmed the PVC until I had made it to the end of the outline. In this picture I'm not quite there yet.

I repeated the process three more times.

This wraps up the parts for the front side of the doors. I have some work to do on the back side, in order to keep them in place on the foot shells.

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