Tuesday, September 03, 2013

CHOC Summer Visit II 2013

Today brought with it a late summer visit to Children's Hospital Orange County.

Starring Victor's R2 and Mike Senna's WALL•E.

Since I'm the only one taking pictures, I'm the only one not in the pictures.

We visited patients in their rooms. On a good note, it seemed there were fewer kids needing hospitalization on this visit.

We also visited the activity rooms. The kids were there, but they are purposefully out of frame.

The usual staff and family members taking pictures.

Mike has a new way of autographing my droid. Rather than employing the traditional method of using a marker, he uses the WALL•E drivetrain and tread system. This is the third such autograph WALL•E has applied to my droid in less than a year. That WALL•E is one jealous robot.

The good thing about these scratch-built PVC foot shells is that when they break, it's almost always on a clean seam.

A quick application of Oatey PVC glue, and it's good as six years old.

The repair is already done and the foot shell is back on the droid, ready for the next event.


Edward Reed (edwardo) said...

you sure do keep busy! Glad to see I'm not the only one with constant foot shell issues! :D those kids must really be thrilled to see Wall-e and Artoo! Awesome!

Victor Franco said...

And thus the reason for aluminum foot shells for droid #2. I'm actually thinking about putting them on droid #1, but we'll see.

And yes, the kids love the robots. The first kid we visited was beyond thrilled. If we had only him to visit, it would have been worth it.