Sunday, August 25, 2013

Opened Up Left Battery Box and Foot Shell on Droid #2

Today I put in some work on getting droid #2's drivetrains built.

First I need to cut open the motor side of the battery boxes. The battery boxes themselves are made from PVC and resin, and were supplied by Craig Smith years ago.

I compared the cuts for droid #1 to get the measurements for where I want to cut.

The Dremel with the cutoff wheel made quick work of these cuts. The cut arches upward to allow access to the ankle bolt.

I gave a quick test fit on the drivetrain with the motor installed just to make sure nothing was horribly off. This test fit doesn't count for much, since the foot shell is not on.

The reason the foot shell isn't on is that it too needs to be opened up. These are aluminum foot shells run by Kelly Krider years ago (and the run was not without its controversy). I marked it up for cutting, similar to the battery box, and put the Dremel back to work. Definitely more effort for that poor motor than the battery boxes required.

I finished the corners with hacksaw blade.

The Senna drivetrains require that the foot shell be installed with the motor off, as there isn't room to slide the foot shell in place with the motor installed.

Once the foot shell is on, then the motor may be bolted in place.

Now the fun part - finding out what doesn't fit. I slid the battery box on, and as expected, it doesn't sit flush against the foot shell.

This is a common problem, and in this particular case, it seems that the bottom of the motor and the motor mount are keeping the battery box from sliding toward the foot shell. The top of the motor may require some filing too.

On Mike's droid, he actually cheated and opened up the bottom of the battery box, and allowed the motor mount to peek through underneath, so it is not entirely concealed. You have to get down on your hands and knees to see it, though.

I'll spend some time considering how I want to deal with this, and then go for it. And then do it all over again for the right foot.

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