Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cut Down Right Motor Mount for Droid #2

Let's do it again, this time for the right motor mount.


And now the right motor mount no longer overhangs the bottom of the motor.

Next I need to start fitting these into the battery boxes, which means I need to open up the battery boxes from the motor side. And I'm sure motor filing is in my future.


alanrw said...

Victor, you gotta use Matt's mill. Buy him beer, wine, In-N-Out burger gift cards. But a hacksaw? My wrist aches just looking at the pictures!!!!


Victor Franco said...

Too late. I think I'm past the point where a mill would help. However, I could use a bench grinder, given that I'm about to spend hours filing down the motor caps.

It took me about as long to cut the small steel motor shafts as it took to cut those big chunks of aluminum.