Monday, August 26, 2013

Foot Shell Repair, Opened Motor Shaft

In this post we have a little bit of droid #1, and a very little bit of droid #2.

Droid #1 has an old war wound that occasionally flares up on center foot shell, so I removed it for repair work.

After applying some PVC glue to the cracked areas, I lightly clamped things back together.

While that was drying, I decided to open up the shaft end of one of the NPC motors. I wanted to see if I could grind or file away some of the material on the outside, without affecting the inside.

I'm mainly looking to get an idea of where the worm gear is, and how much clearance there is from the outside of the motor. Here are three different angles.

And here's the gear that meshes with the worm gear, and houses the shaft.

I think it's safe to grind or file off some material on the outside of the motor. I'd guess from 1/8" to 1/4" off the corners would be ok, and that should be enough to help fit the motor into the battery box.

Meanwhile, the PVC glue had dried, so I reinstalled the center foot on droid #1. Good until the next time someone (possibly me) cracks it again.

Now I need to sweet-talk my way into using a bench grinder.

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