Friday, August 09, 2013

Hacked Second Motor Shaft, Built Drivetrain Chains for Droid #2

Work continues on the effort to finish the drivetrains for droid #2.

Today I got around to hacking the second motor shaft to size. I used the segment from yesterday's hacksaw session to determine where to cut.

This was just as much fun to cut today as it was yesterday.

For those unfamiliar with building chain, I'll go into a medium amount of detail.

There are a couple of special links that are used, an offset link and a connecting link.

I used my chain breaking tool to remove the pin on the end of the chain, to expose the inner part of the chain, to which I can connect the offset link.

I then added my offset link and connecting link to the chain, as I prepared to measure where to cut the other side of the chain.

I wrapped the chain around the gears, and identified where I needed to break the other end of the chain. Note that a perfect fit is not necessary. Thanks to the slots Matthew milled in the drivetrain last week, the motor mount can slide back and forth, and up and down along the drivetrain body, and then the bolts can be tightened to lock it in place once the proper location is established.

I popped the pin on the required link, and was left with chain that is 18 links long, counting the offset and connecting links.

I placed the chain back around the gears and closed it up with the connecting link.

I repeated the entire process for the other drivetrain, and tested each of them. Looks good!

The drivetrain build is just about done, but there are a few things left to do.

The motor mounts hang down below the motor a bit. Matthew offered to mill those down. I could use the hacksaw, but then I wouldn't be lazy. I also need to fit these into the foot shells and battery boxes, which is always an adventure.

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