Thursday, August 08, 2013

Started Cutting Motor Shafts, Trimmed Motor Mout Screws for Droid #2

Looks like I just might make good on my threat to finish the drivetrains for droid #2.

Tonight I resumed work that I stopped about, oh, February, 2011. Most of the drivetrains for droid #2 are built, but I never did get around to mounting the motors, or building the motor mounts themselves. After last week's milling session with Matthew, it was time to get back to work.

How does this all go again?

Oh, right. I need to trim the motor shaft. Let's see how much needs to go and mark the spot.

Yum, hacksawing through steel.

Since I'm in super-lazy mode, I'll save cutting the other motor shaft for tomorrow, or whenever I get around to it.

Next up, the screws used to mount the motors are just a few threads too long.

This is a job the Dremel is just aching for.

I'm lazy, but at least I trimmed the screws for both motors.

Now the first motor fits on the motor mount properly. I labeled the motor mount screws I trimmed with an "M" (or is it a "W"?) so I can easily distinguish them from the same style screws used to attach the motor mounts to the drivetrain bodies.

The gears are aligned and waiting for me to cut the chain.

But, you know... I'm lazy.


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