Saturday, August 17, 2013

Orange County Mini Maker Faire at UC Irvine

Today R2 and I joined fellow builders Matthew Henricks, Mike Senna, Gene Arena, David Annetta, William & Nikki Miyamoto, and Guy Vardaman as we attended the Mini Maker Faire at the University of California, Irvine.

We had a shaded area for the droids and builders to hang out.

There was a continuous stream of visitors throughout the day, asking about how the droids are built, and checking out how they work.

I did a brief video interview with the Orange County Register. I'm around the 30-second mark, and Mike's WALL•E is shown at the end:

More pictures of the festivities.

Gene Arena's new R2-D2 dome was heavily tricked-out, and it also included cool stuff in the body panels.

Toward the end of the day we took a group picture.

Shortly thereafter, it was time to pack up and head out.

But our day wasn't quite over, as we made our way to Red Robin for dinner. R2 joined us there as well, much to the delight of the staff and patrons.

It was a nice, manageable event, and best of all, just down the road from home.

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R2Builder said...

I can just imagine the unsuspecting patrons at Red Robin when they saw R2 coming to dinner! What a treat for them.