Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sent Back Door to Repair Shop

This is one of my shorter updates, but a hopeful one.

Mike Senna, Matt Munson and I met up locally for dinner, and like the resourceful character I am, I brought my damaged back door for Mike to see. He kindly offered to take it home to work on it, so it's off to the droid repair shop where his elves will work their magic.

We'll probably get together on the weekend to see how the elves are doing. Mike noted that since there are no kinks in the door, merely curved bends, repair should be doable. Keeping my fingers crossed, and very grateful to Mike and his elves. I hope he treats them well.


James R5-D4 said...

Fingers crossed the elves can work their magic :D

Edward Reed (edwardo) said...

Elves? I'd sooner trust Jawas... I think... :D

Victor Franco said...

Or even Tusken Raiders! :p


Paul said...

The good news is JB Weld sands off pretty cleanly so re-attaching the panels shouldn't be too bad if he can smooth our the dents.

Victor Franco said...

Yes, sometimes I scrape old JB Weld using a utility knife, it makes pretty quick work of it.


Gunbu said...

Oh dang! Just saw this post. The damage isn't so bad considering! I know you and Mike will be able to fix up that back door no problem.