Monday, June 11, 2012

On the Road to Recovery

Well, things are looking up following yesterday's, uh, mishap.

After straightening out a very slight bend in the top holoprojector dome panel, I used a Uni•ball Vision Elite pen whose ink is a very close match for the Krider Blue formula to color in the area where the paint chipped.

Due to the low angle of the sun, it's easy to see the divot where the paint is missing, but in person it isn't this obvious.

Next, I needed to deal with the back three dome screws on the Rockler bearing. These got bent when R2 assumed the inverted position. I tried straightening them out with pliers so I could unscrew the nuts and remove the washers. Two of them straightened out okay, the third snapped. No big deal, I'm replacing all three anyway.

Three shiny new 10-24 x 2" dome screws, re-fitted with the old washers and nuts, ready to prop up the dome.

Next, I reinstalled the top holoprojector into the dome. One of the clips had come undone as the droid rolled over the HP, so I placed it back into position and secured the holoprojector with all four clips.

I then applied two layers of 5 mil 3M Very High Bond Tape to the back of the holoprojector dome panel, after first removing the old tape.

I pressed the panel into place, and it seems to be holding fast.

Pretty much everything is fixed now, except for the back door. That's the big repair job coming up.


Anonymous said...

2 layers?
I like how VHB tape holds but peeling the paper off...many times, the adhesive wants to go with it.

Victor Franco said...

2 layers to help boost the pie panels to be level with the rest of the dome. I have a very small gap between the inner and outer domes on my R&J dome, so I need to boost the panels up just a little bit using 2 layers of tape.

Yes, the tape can be tricky to work with. I'm glad I didn't have to do the whole dome this time.