Monday, June 25, 2012

Re-JB Welded Back Door Inner and Outer Skins

Today I worked on reattaching the inner and outer skins in the areas that they separated when R2 had his little misadventure.

Following yesterday's removal of the old JB Weld from the edges of the panels and skins, I cleaned up any remaining residue and dust with acetone.

Next, I mixed up a batch of JB Weld.

I used a toothpick to apply it to the areas where the inner and outer skins separated, which was about 75% if the perimeter of the skins, and a little bit of the area below where the largest panel goes.

I used my Office Depot clips to hold the skins together while the JB Weld dries overnight.

The two panels toward the middle of the door are partially loose, so I'll work on reattaching them next, and then proceed with the panels that are completely displaced.

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