Sunday, June 24, 2012

Removed Old JB Weld from Back Door Panels and Frame Piece

Today I worked on removing the old JB Weld from the edges of the back door panels, in preparation for reattaching them with a fresh mixture of JB Weld. I used the Dremel with the drum sander attachment for this job. I had to be careful, since many of the panels have autographs on them that I don't want to mess up.

A few before-and-after pictures.

Boy, what I mess I made with the JB Weld on the rear coin returns. If it's possible to butcher JB Weld, I did it here.

That's better.

And of course, the door frame itself requires a little cleaning along some of the panel edges. You can also see that some of the panels have lifted off slightly in some areas. I pulled on them to see if they would come off, but they put up a fight, so I'll apply JB Weld to the areas that detached, and hopefully I can reform the bond.

I made a light effort at cleaning up the dust and grime, but I'll come back and do a more thorough cleaning, and then work on reattaching the panels.

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