Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Unmasked Dome Ring

After a ridiculously long break from building, I got ridiculously little done. (In slight fairness to myself, I was sick a few of those days.) Tonight, it was (beyond) time to unmask the dome ring that I painted a week and a half ago.

Off comes the masking tape on the top half.

And off comes the masking tape on the bottom half.

Unfortunately, a small area of paint chipped away during the unmasking process, even though I went slowly and carefully. I think this was due to letting the masking tape ride a little too high when I originally applied it.

The good news is that Roy Powers discovered that the Uni-ball Vision Elite dark blue pen is a very good match for the blue formula I use.

A minute or two lightly tracing over the bare areas, and it's virtually undetectable.

The dome ring work is done, and it's ready to be attached to the dome.

I had hoped to get a lot of painting done this week, but it's been raining here in sunny Southern California for almost an entire week, with more rain on its way tomorrow, so that didn't happen. Maybe next week.

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