Friday, February 24, 2012

TV Show Shoot

This is another one of those somewhat frustrating posts for you and me, where I did a Lucasfilm-authorized shoot for a television show, but cannot reveal anything specific about it until it airs.

Call time for this one was at the early hour of 6:30am. Since I had a 53 mile drive ahead of me in LA traffic, I took no chances as I set the alarm for 4:30am (there's a 4:30AM??), and was on the road by 5:00am. I arrived a little before 6:00am as the sun was getting ready to rise over downtown Los Angeles, and unloaded the droid.

The picture looks crooked, but it was the parking lot that was uneven.

Dawn in Los Angeles.

We were shooting on Stage 2 of wherever we were.

As is my habit, I had to get a picture of the Craft Services breakfast table. That center donut never had a chance.

Unfortunately, as I reviewed my pictures, they all reveal too much about the nature of the shoot, so I am unable to share any shots from the stage or set at this time. :(

Suffice it to say that R2 went on and off the set several times during the day, with very long (up to 5 hour) gaps in between. In addition to that, I was battling a pretty bad cold. Every once in a while I'd step outside to go into a coughing fit that sounded like Sand People on the attack. I thought Ben Kenobi would come around the corner to scare me off.

After a very long day, around 9:00pm little R2 stood by for pickup at the huge stage door.

I loaded up R2, picked up some Nyquil on the drive home, and returned over 17 hours after I left.

This won't air for quite a while, but when it finally does I'll have more pictures and details to share. Don't get your hopes up too high, it wasn't a super-high-profile shoot, but it was a fun one.


Paul said...

Amazing...someday I hope to join the "big screen" like you guys!

Victor Franco said...

There's no denying it, I'm one fortunate R2 builder.

christmas loan said...

My kids prefer this than a real one. Excellent job.