Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1,000,000 YouTube Views

1 million views! No, not on this blog, but on my droid's YouTube channel:

Over half of those views are just on one video of my R2 bowling, and another popular one was my "Making of R2" video. So in celebration, and to start on my next million views, here they are (again).

If you're wondering why these videos are so popular, you aren't the only one.

Thanks for watching! :)


Jessica said...


cris said...

you should apply for youtube's revenue sharing thing!

Victor Franco said...


I considered the revenue sharing, but decided I didn't want ads in my videos. As it is, the "Making of" video sometimes shows an ad due to the music (which I did purchase). I do wonder what the payout is, though.

By the way, the bowling video was one of my first events, and I recall you were the point of contact for that one.