Sunday, February 19, 2012

R2 Builders Day at the Discovery Science Center

Today the R2 Builders made their second of two scheduled visits to the Discovery Science Center in Santa, CA, where the "Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination" exhibit continues to run. We were there from noon to 5:00pm.

My droid was joined by droids and droid parts owned by Matthew Henricks, David Annetta, Tom Piedmont and William and Nikki Miyamoto. We set up near the rock climbing wall, to give ourselves some dedicated space and to avoid 360-degree swarming by the kids. We set up parts for display, along with our droids.

It didn't take long before things got busy for us.

At 1:00pm, we headed for the stage, where Matthew, David and I participated in an "Ask the R2 Builders" panel, while Tom recorded the discussion. After a brief introduction, we took many questions from the audience, asking us all sorts of things regarding our droids and the droids in the movies.

After our presentation, we returned to our area, where we were joined by William & family, and their droids.

Even though we were tucked away toward the back, there was a constant flow of traffic.

Matthew and I finagled our way into the Star Wars exhibit with our droids, where I took the opportunity to have my droid pose with the Lucasfilm droid that was behind glass. An impromptu line quickly formed for pictures with the museum guests.

Soon it was 3:00pm, and it was time for me to head back for the stage, where I did a reprise of the presentation I gave in January. Complete with headphone mic suitable for singing at a concert. I refrained from singing.

By the time the second presentation was over, our visit was nearing an end. Mike Senna dropped by for a cameo appearance, and baby holding duties for Kayla Miyamoto, while Zoe was stationed in her droid.

Finally, 5:00pm arrived, and it was time to head on out. But not without the "One more picture, please?" requests.

And to wrap it up, a picture of Tom's cool car.

It was another good visit. This may be it for our visits to DSC while the exhibit is running, but you never know...

The full photoset is here.

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alanrw said...

I just can't get over how natural Senna looks holding that baby!!!!